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B-I-N-G-O Prize Raffle rules 


To qualify, one must book an appointment and be present during the booking. (virtual or in person)

At check-out, every (1) item purchased from the Holiday Event qualifies the customer to (1) draw of the Bingo Machine.  More items more draws! Each Bingo ball can be 5% to 15% off, only valid toward their purchase made on the spot. A higher discount will apply to the entire purchase for multiple draws.  Special prizes for winning numbers in G or O.  BINGO Raffle discounts will only apply to full-priced items.  For the week of 12/7-12/10, only one round of BINGO Raffle prizes will be set.  If all the balls are given, the raffle will end.  Sign Up for early slots!


Prizes will be announced on Instagram stories .

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MISÉ Hawaii will be open for events in 2023.  For all custom work and shopping please book a regular appointment. Open days are Saturdays 11-5 pm. Contact us via email or phone for any questions or special requests on booking dates and times. Book below

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