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Celebration fischake

It's a decade party! A celebration of relationships, growth, survival, and community.

I would love for you to join me Sunday 9/3 from 6-9pm at fishcake. These past 10 years of growth would not have been possible without you, your trust and committed support.

Clothing Designer and dear friend Rumi Murakami and I will join together at our mothership fishcake for this festive event, a homecoming for us both 🖤 

Small bites made by my sister Tomoko, Signature Shiso Cocktails, Music,

and yes, there will be some shopping.

The event will be open to the public from 

Music- The "SHUA TING"  

Small Bites- by Culinary Confidential 

Food Truck- Makanai 

Sips by- aka shiso 



Parking will be in the Marie Louise Cleaners parking lot.


MISÉ Hawaii will be open for events in 2023.  For all custom work and shopping please book an appointment. Open days are Saturdays 11-6pm. Contact us via email or phone for any questions or special requests on booking date and times.

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